About us

After years of experience in the world of wood, Dirk Jan van Vliet set up A&D Woodworking in 2013. Since then, the company has grown organically into what it is today: An international player in the wood industry. As Dirk Jan’s partner, Inge is responsible for some of the administrative and facility services. Together with the production team, they form the beating heart of A&D Woodworking.

What we do?

A&D Woodworking is a wholesaler of – and manufacturer of – wooden floors. We buy European oak directly from our suppliers. We process raw material into perfectly finished wooden floors. Good fitting and delivering quality is what we stand for. A floor that comes from us is produced with care. From untreated solid oak to a fully finished herringbone floor and everything in between: we like to work with our clients to deliver their perfect product. You will find our total range under Product Range. We are ready to help you!

Production hall

Our stock of floors is in the production hall. These are supplied from the supplier and processed into finished floors by various machines. The photos and video show the entire production from raw plank to finished floor.

Company video:

Company photos

Fire production hall Oosterwolde

On the night of February 29 to March 1, 2020, the lives of everyone involved in A&D Woodworking turned upside down. The production hall completely burned down. We saw everything we had built together go up in flames before our very eyes. A difficult time followed, but together we put our shoulders to the wheel to be able to deliver all orders and requests placed. At the end of 2020 we had a new plot in our sights and a new production hall with showroom and office was built on it in 2021. We can now call this our new home. We are so happy with where we are today and proud of our team for the resilience everyone has shown.