To achieve the desired result for you as a customer, our floors are processed in various ways. You can see the options in the field of processing that we offer in the overview below.

The wood is finished with one or two layers that are applied and polished by machine. There is a choice of various colours of oil.

This treatment gives a weathered look to your floor. The planks are damaged by various parts, creating a ‘distressed / aged’ effect.

The floorboards are sawn at right angles to the planks by the saw blade. This makes the floor part rough and this gives a special effect

The floorboards are smoked with reactive stain or ammonia. The vapors enter into a reaction with the tannic acid contained in the oak. This treatment can make planks darker because the pattern of the grain is emphasized even more.

Your floor can also be brushed, this takes place on the soft parts. This makes the structure of the wood more tangible and visible.